Shiba Inu, Trading Volumes, Tradersoft Shut, BTC at $146k?:

As the first week of November draws to a close, here are the news stories that dominated the worlds of Forex, Fintech and Crypto in our best of the week segment. Exclusive: Has Tradersoft Been Shutdown? Tradersoft, the online trading technology platform provider, has abruptly shuttered all of its services Finance Magnates has learned. The shutdown came […]

Weekly Economic & Financial Commentary: With Eyes on Washington, the Expansion Continues to Roll Along

United States: With Eyes on Washington, the Expansion Continues to Roll Along Data released this week showed the production and housing sectors continued to hum, despite ongoing supply constraints, while consumers kept spending, despite some trepidation about the economic outlook. Next week: Trade Balance (Tuesday), ISM Services (Tuesday), Nonfarm Payrolls (Friday) International: Rate Hikes Across […]

4th Quarter 2021 Should Launch A Healthy 2022 Stock Market

Early in the 3rd quarter, growing risks entered investment thinking. Investor enthusiasm ebbed throughout July and August as risks developed and intensified. September is now ending with the market’s bullish breadth diminished and investor bullishness tempered. But… that is good news. The widespread risk recognition and altered attitudes are just the tonic needed. The combination […]

Fundamental & Technical Analysis in Forex

When it comes to how traders approach the markets, fundamental and technical analysis are two of the biggest chapters in the forex industry. Most of the times, investors use both to research and predict future stock prices and like any other trading strategy, they both have advantages and disadvantages. In general, technical analysis studies currency price movement on the […]