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Voters have approved a $49.3 million two-part bond package for the Florence school district and a $20 million for the Bartlett school district, according to unofficial final results from Williamson and Bell counties.

In the Coupland school district, a $91.6 million proposed bond package finished in a 38-38 tie, according to final election results. The fate of the bond package was not clear early Sunday.

The Florence bond package won approval with 772 voters supporting it and 464 voters rejecting it, according to Williamson County unofficial results. 

The Bartlett bond was approved with a 252-214vote, unofficial results showed.

The tax rate increase if the bonds passes in Coupland would be 36 cents per $100 valuation.

The property tax rate increase will be 17.4 cents per $100 valuation in Florence and 22 cents per $100 valuation in Bartlett.

The Coupland school district in eastern Williamson County was asking voters to approve money to build a secondary school campus. Taxes would have increased by $463.68 per year for the average district homeowner with a house worth $210,719 if the bond passes. 

The Florence school district bonds were split into two propositions. Proposition A asked for $42.7 million for a new elementary school, a new band hall at the high school and electrical upgrades for the middle school. Proposition B asked for $6.6 million for a new fieldhouse at the high school. 

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Since voters approved the bond package, taxes will increase by $483.84 per year for the average homeowner with a home worth $332,783, a school official said. The Florence school district is in northwestern Williamson County.Story from MicrosoftNew research: Employee expectations have changedSee More →

The Bartlett school district in northeastern Williamson County put $20 million in bonds on the ballot for several projects, including a cafeteria expansion, 20 new classrooms, a new football field and track, and a new welding and construction facility.  

The average homeowner in the district with a home worth $100,000 will pay an extra $165 in taxes per year since the bond passed. Other projects in the bond included the renovation of an old high school to provide extra classrooms, a new agriculture barn and show arena, air conditioning for the gym and new playground equipment. It would also bring all facilities into compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act. 

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