French groups are starting to relocate… in Europe

In 2023, 28% of French companies with more than 250 employees brought relocation actions in Europe, compared to only 3% in 2022. This notable development, revealed by the barometer of sovereignty published by the by.o Group, translated A shudder in the matter. Information to be put into perspective since no company surveyed (in this category) considers a relocation to France, and that, all sizes combined, 90% of French companies continue to estimate that relocation is not an option for them (as in 2021 and 2022). However, the observation of outdoor dependence is real: in France a company with more than 250 employees in two does not feel sovereign. Three-quarters of companies of this size declare themselves dependent on countries outside Europe.

Electricity prices will increase on February 1

Electricity prices will increase on February 1, confirmed Bruno Le Maire on TF1 on Sunday. The increase will be 9.8 % for households in full hours/off -peak hours, and 8.6 % for the basic price. It should be spread from 5 % to 8 % for businesses. This increase in the invoice is explained by the return of the application of the indoor tax of final consumption on electricity (ICFF), frozen for two years to compensate for the outbreak of energy prices. The Syndicate of Freelands and TPEs (SDI) denounces a “low blow” of the government. “This increase is all the more incomprehensible since the last quarter of 2023 was marked by an enthusiastic communication of the public authorities on the sharp drop in electricity prices,” added the union.

Air trafficking in France has regained its pre -crisis level in December
Air traffic of passengers in France has regained an equal level (100%) to that of December 2019. This is the first time from the Pandemic of Cavid-19. Over the whole year, with 169.6 million travelers, this indicator reaches 94.5 % of the level of 2019. In December, if internal traffic remains behind (85.8 % of December 2019), the International traffic exceeded its 2019 level to 103.7%. In December, as on the whole year, the Africa area is displayed as the most dynamic.

Responsible digital develops in the projects of the majority of French companies

In 2023, a majority of companies implemented actions that limit the digital carbon footprint, reveals Sigma, software publisher, in its responsible digital barometer, which “aims to align the advantages of digital technology with ethical values ”. Two -thirds of companies have implemented data protection actions, considered as a guarantee of “business sustainability”. The end of life of the equipment appears as a mature subject: more than half of the companies have taken control of the recycling/ reconditioning of equipment. These approaches are rather opportunistic and driven by the regulatory framework and the optimization of costs, analyzes the barometer. Accessibility and eco-design are the two forgotten points for projects. In addition, a quarter of respondents does not know the concept of responsible digital technology.

FDJ will launch an OPA at 2.6 billion euros on the Swedish Kindred

FDJ (La Française des Jeux) has announced the filing of a public purchasing offer on the entire capital of Kincred, Swedish operator in Paris and online games (sports and horse racing betting, poker and casino), operator in particular Unibet brand. This OPA, for which FDJ is preparing to pay 2.6 billion euros, would give birth to the second operator in the Games of Money and Chance Games in Europe. Supported by the boards of directors of the two groups, it will be opened on February 19, 2024 for a maximum of nine months. With a turnover (after taxes on games) of 893 million pounds sterling in 2023, Kindred is present in seven of the first ten European markets. Via this operation, the presence of international FDJ should represent 20 % of its gross game product (PBJ), compared to 6 % today.

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