Due to the social movement, traffic is disrupted on the road network in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region this Thursday, January 25 with “snail” operations and new blockages adding to the disruptions of the day before.

In this context, regular audio conferences are scheduled between prefectural authorities, law enforcement, road network managers and Interregional Road Directorates in order to take all necessary measures: deviations, awareness messages, information to carriers, etc.

Situation update at 7:00 a.m.:

Traffic is cut off on the A7 motorway between exits 12 (Saint-Rambert-d’Albon in the north/south direction) and 19 (Bollène, in the south/north direction).

Traffic is cut off on the A47 motorway between the Ternay A7/A46sud junction and interchange 11 (La Madeleine), in both directions.

Traffic is cut off on the A49 motorway between exits 6 (Bourg de Péage, in the Valence / Grenoble direction) and 8 (Baume d’Hostun, in the Grenoble / Valence direction).

Traffic is closed on  the A71 motorway from the junction with the A710W (north/south direction).

Traffic is cut off on the A72 motorway between interchange 10 (Ratarieux) and ramp 8 (Veauche), in both directions.

Traffic is cut off on the A75 motorway between exits 28 (Saint-Flour Centre) and 29 (Saint-Flour Bellevue), in both directions of traffic.

Traffic is cut off on the M6 ​​metropolitan road after the junction with the A89 motorway (in the Paris / Lyon direction), and at exit 34 (Dardilly, in the Lyon / Paris direction).

Traffic is cut off on the Serrières bridge in Ardèche.

Secondary networks are saturated in all these sectors.

Disruptions announced today:

Traffic will be severely disrupted on  the A42 motorway towards Lyon between Saint-Maurice de Beynost and Vaux-en-Velin.

Traffic will be cut in both directions on the A43 motorway at the Chignin toll, on the Albertville-Grenoble-Chambéry routes.

Traffic will be cut on the national road RN88 between Cussac-sur-Loire and BrivesCharensac.

Traffic will be severely disrupted in  the Grenoble, Moulins and Puy-en-Velay basins where processions are announced towards city centers.

The prefect asks motorists to respect the recommended routes (Bison Futé, radio 107.7, social networks of the prefectures, etc.), to remain calm and to postpone any non-essential travel . In this sense, employers are invited to facilitate, without delay,  the use of teleworking by their employees.

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