2030 World Cup: New FIFA Requirements for Morocco, Spain and Portugal

The race to host the 2030 World Cup is in full swing, and FIFA has drawn up strict guidelines for contenders Morocco, Spain, and Portugal. A comprehensive document from the governing body of world football details the crucial imperatives that the federations concerned will have to respect to live up to the global event.

Basic Requirements

In a detailed document, FIFA highlights the essential pillars that football federations must guarantee to host the final phase of the 2030 World Cup. Considerations ranging from infrastructure to legality, including environmental and social commitments, are carefully considered. examined. FIFA, unequivocally, reserves the right to reject any application that does not scrupulously respect these requirements.

Focus on the Stadiums

The crown jewel of any World Cup is its stadiums, and FIFA imposes rigorous criteria. The bid must guarantee a minimum of 14 stadiums, with a capacity ranging between 40,000 and 80,000 seats, of which seven must already be in place. A condition easily met by the Ibero-Moroccan candidacy, bringing together Spain (11 or 12), Morocco (5), and Portugal (3), largely exceeding expectations. Existing stadiums, under construction, or requiring work, must comply with strict standards, ranging from pitch dimensions to equipment such as heating, vacuum, and ventilation systems.

Training Infrastructure and Other Criteria

In addition to stadiums, FIFA places emphasis on training facilities, requiring a varied choice with a minimum of 72 suitable options. A crucial detail to ensure optimal conditions for the participating teams. The VIP stands, parking lots, and commercial affiliation services are not left out, being key elements in the overall success of the event.

The 2030 World Cup promises to be a monumental challenge for Morocco, Spain, and Portugal. These nations will have to make every effort to meet FIFA’s demanding criteria. Their collaboration promises an exceptional event which, without a doubt, will remain engraved in the history of world football. Stay tuned for all the updates as these nations battle to host football’s most prestigious competition.

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