ZachXBT’s Scam Investigation Leads To $260k FBI Seizure

  • On-chain detective ZachXBT’s investigation has led to an FBI seizure.
  • The FBI seized multiple NFTs and luxury items from an online phishing scammer.
  • Popular NFT collections including the Bored Ape Yacht Club and Doodle were among the seized NFTs.

Popular on-chain detective ZachXBT announced on Twitter recently that his efforts to track and investigate Chase Senecal, a well known online phishing scammer had led to his assets being seized by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). The seized assets include NFTs, cryptocurrencies, and a luxury watch. All seizures were made in Brunswick, Maine.

According to ZachXBT’s tweet, the FBI seized two NFTs, namely Bored Ape Yacht Club #9658, worth $95,495, and Doodle #3114. worth $9,361. In addition to the digital art, the bureau also seized 86.56 ETH valued at $116,433 at the time. An Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Watch worth $41,000 was also seized from Senacal. The combined total of the seizure comes out to more than $260,000.

The crypto sleuth revealed in his Twitter thread that Chase Senecal used a Twitter panel to take over multiple accounts with a combined follower count of close to a million. These include @JRNYclub and @nounsdao, among several others. Senecal also launched several Discord server attacks as part of his phishing scams.

According to the FBI’s official notification, posted earlier today, Chase Senecal’s property was seized for federal forfeiture for violation of federal law. The above-mentioned assets were seized in October last year. The extent of possible legal proceedings against Senecal is unclear at this time. “It may occur in a civil procedure, like a lawsuit against the item, or after the conviction of an individual in a criminal trial,” the FBI said in its notification.

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