Kokusai Electric plans an $860 million IPO on the Tokyo Stock Exchange

Kokusai Electric, a Japanese firm specializing in semiconductor production equipment, is set to launch an initial public offering (IPO) on the Tokyo Stock Exchange on October 25, 2023. The IPO is expected to be valued at approximately $860 million, as the company seeks to strengthen its market position.

The majority owner of Kokusai Electric, managed by KKR, is planning to sell 58.8 million shares of the company. The proposed selling price per share has been set at 1,890 yen ($12.74), with the final offering price to be confirmed on October 16.

As per the company’s statement on Thursday, Kokusai Electric does not intend to issue new shares in the immediate future. However, depending on market demand, an additional tranche of 8.8 million shares may be offered. This could potentially increase the total number of shares available for sale to as high as 67.7 million, representing a value of Y127.95 billion.

The Tokyo Stock Exchange has provided information that estimates the total number of outstanding shares for Kokusai Electric to be around 230.4 million.

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