From FX weekly, EUR/USD 1.0665 traded to highs 1.0

From FX weekly, EUR/USD 1.0665 traded to highs 1.0

FX weekly

From FX weekly, EUR/USD 1.0665 traded to highs of 1.0639. Lows for the past 2 weeks have achieved 1.0448 and 1.0528. Enter anywhere and all will profit. GBP/USD 1.2351 achieved a high of 1.2337. Lows for the past 2 weeks have traded between 1.2059 and 1.2162. Enter anywhere and all will profit.

The USD/BRL traded to target 5.0676 and the USD/NOK to target 10.8457. Enter anywhere and all will profit. Further from FX weekly, GBP/JPY is bottom and long at 181.00. Highs traded at 183.80. Enter anywhere and all will profit. The USD/JPY bottomed at 148.00, while highs traded at 149.32. Enter anywhere and all will profit.

USD/JPY and intervention

The words for BOJ intervention are false. The new intervention since 2008 particularly 2016 to relieve intervention costs is the manipulation of interest rates. This is exactly what the BOJ did and they informed of the drop to interest rates and USD/JPY miles in advance.

Previous to the drop, USD/JPY traded overbought from the range of 151.34 to 149.37. After the drop, the range became 149.37 to 147.40.

Shorts at 149.37 offered further downside as the drop derived from the London Fix at 149.03. How much profit was involved depends on the trader’s time frame. From a day trade perspective, here are USD/JPY pip numbers: 150, 75, 37, 18, and 9 pips.

USD/JPY imports and exports

For the first time since October 2022 and on a monthly basis from the currency price,  imports exceed exports. Yearly, Exports far exceed imports. The high Oil price from Qatar at $88 per barrel and Japan’s largest source of imported crude is contributed to Imports exceeding exports.

The Qatar Oil price contributed -30% to Producer Prices, 33% to Exports, and 74% to Imports,. From the Commodity Contractual basis, Imports at 0.6 vs Exports at 0.5 reveals how crucial a role Oil contributes to positive and negative imports and exports.

The bottom line is the BOJ is subject to intervention at times. If the Fed raises then added pressure contributes to a higher USD/JPY to fuel greater problems to the BOJ’s Export and import lines. The BOJ desperately requires a lower USD/JPY under current circumstances.

Higher import lines translate to higher Inflation and lower GDP.

As stated all year, outside events are the catalyst to drop USD/JPY as the BOJ and the economic system continue to work perfectly. The Oil price is the stimulant from outside forces to add ammunition to a lower USD/JPY.

For the first time since October 2022, pay heed to  BOJ speakers for the next month until November 12th.

The week

The USD/JPY’s big break lower continues to trade at 145.85. The USD/JPY trades overbought above 149.57. Next week targets the vicinity of 147.71 and continues the yearly long-short strategy. In the long term, at 147.00, the USD/JPY remains a massive overbought from lower averages.

The EUR/AUD break at 1.6529 targets 1.6419 and 1.6225. EUR/AUD is required to trade at 1.6419 minimum. GBP/AUD targets 1.9022 and 1.8768. The GBP/AUD breaks at 1.9119 assists to target 1.9022.

Deeply oversold EUR/USD targets 1.0660 and above 1.0701 becomes 1.0826 and 1.0906. Continue long strategies as EUR/USD literally trades at the bottom.

GBP/USD is the same story as EUR/USD, as GBP/USD trades at the bottoms and targets 1.2341, 1.2496, and overall, 1.2698.

The EUR/NZD top range is located at 1.7719. The expected close Friday at 1.7647 means shorts for next week to target 1.7500. Overall, shorts are located below 1.7779.

GBP/NZD shorts below 2.0566. The next lower target is found at 2.0224.

Oversold AUD/USD targets the break above 0.6475 and NZD/USD above 0.6019.

and GBP/CAD watch for longs and shorts at 1.6761 and EUR/CAD at 1.4490.

Overall, the vast majority of currency pairs trade at or near crucial breaks to signify much higher or much lower. Next week is a crucial time for currency markets. 

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