BTC price targets $42K 2023 close as Bitcoin OG says ETF ‘not priced in’

BTC price predictions diverge over the contentious ETF decision date, with many Bitcoin traders expecting a comedown after initial spike higher.



$42,450 tracked $42,500 into the 2023 yearly close as traders began to see “interesting” BTC price behavior.

BTC/USD 1-day chart. Source: TradingView

Post-ETF BTC price drop targets include $36,000

Data from Cointelegraph Markets Pro and TradingView showed BTC/USD keeping volatility away during the final hours of the yearly candle.

After failing to secure a breakout of its December trading range, Bitcoin remained concerning for bulls ahead of the key legislative event to come early next month — the potential approval of the first United States spot price exchange-traded fund (ETF).

“Technically, H4 is in a downtrend and wants 40.5K~ IMO. But with that said, ETF approval is supposed to come within a week or two,” popular trader Crypto Chase wrote in part of the day’s analysis on X (formerly Twitter).

Crypto Chase, who previously opted to go short BTC at $43,000, predicted a maximum push to $46,000 on the back of a positive ETF decision, with $36,000 coming quickly should the product be rejected.

Continuing on the topic, popular social media commentator WhalePanda likewise saw the scope for limited upside around the approval, with a retracement to follow.

“ETF approval spikes us to $50K-ish, then depending on how long it takes for the ETFs to launch it will start selling off, maybe to low $40k-ish if it takes a month before they launch, don’t see us go below $38k,” he told X subscribers.

“After that just a steady rise like a normal Bitcoin bull market passing $70k in April-May with some stalling in the summer and then end the year at around $100k-120k.”

The spot Bitcoin ETF continued to prove a divisive topic — Adam Back, CEO of blockchain startup Blockstream, repeatedly argued that it was “not priced in” to the market.

At current levels, BTC/USD was still up nearly 60% in Q4 and around 160% year-to-date, per data from statistics resource CoinGlass.

BTC/USD monthly returns (screenshot). Source: CoinGlass

Analyst: Ether to “outperform” Bitcoin next year

Taking a closer look at short-timeframe order book trends, meanwhile, traders saw cause for excitement into the yearly close.

Bid liquidity on U.S. exchange Coinbase had moved higher toward spot price, Skew and CredibleCrypto noted. Both suggested that this could trigger livelier trading conditions.

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