Disgraving at the coalition partner

CSU boss Söder has been re-elected with a record result. In the final sprint before the state election, he relies in his speech to demarcate the party with which he wants to continue to rule in Bavaria.

At the end of an hour and a half with a combative Markus Söder on the microphone, quite a few of the party friends were literally euphoric. With this speech, Söder “pushed into the series of very large CSU chairman,” enthused a delegate when Söder was still applauded in the hall. If the CSU boss had the feeling of having to motivate his party properly again for the last two campaign weeks, Söder cannot be accused of lacking use.

If the CSU threatens an election flap? This election campaign is not an easier for the CSU. According to the 37.2 percent in the last state election in 2018, measured by the Christian social claim, the unspoken goal in this election was a result of at least 40 percent, but also more, but such values seem difficult for the CSU. According to the surveys, it comes to results between 36 and 38 percent. “In the competence, we are light years before everyone,” Markus Söder now called to the delegates and then stated: “Of course, the party values are not enough.”

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